Sunday, September 10, 2006

Rip it up.

Okay, this is the first "before" picture in The Great Laundry Room Project. Walls and floor are being refurbished, floor first obviously.

I'd intended to lay some laminate over the original plywood floor.... then I noticed the floor was getting a little "soft" in places. Not good. Then it cracked in one place: really not good. Under the floor, I found a hose that had been leaking for a long, long time... like 10 years. Extremely not good. And as an added bonus, underneath the rotten floor there were rotted floor joists -- sucks to be me! In one fell swoop this went from being one day of work to a total reconstruction job, so I thought I might as well chronicle the epic with pictures and commentary.

And there's an upside: now I know why my shower has always had wimpy water pressure. When this is all done, that shower head should be spewing like a geyser. That I look forward to.