Monday, September 11, 2006

TV Today

I didn't watch any. After some news this morning, I turned the thing off for the day; it was just too much, too much. I saw some relatives of 9/11 victims being interviewed in NYC; they're not bleeding anymore, but the scar tissue hasn't formed yet, either. Their grief was an almost palpable force emanating from the TV screen. It wasn't the sobbing, agonized grief of that day, but a quiet, resigned, beaten-in sorrow, a sadness without end. Witnessing it, still unresolved 5 years on, just seemed like an invasion of their privacy.

I will, however, turn on "The Path to 9/11" in awhile, just to see if Bush will actually do a speech in the middle of the movie. Will he and his cronies really be capable of commiting the basest, most vile and odious abuse possible of these bereaved and broken families? I'm hoping they changed their plans and opted out of such a crass move, but my money's on him giving the speech.

Update: What an asshole.