Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wild Kingdom

Those guys up there on the roof are wild turkeys, 2 of a flock(?) of 6 that decided to hang out at my place last spring. They were quite tame and totally unafraid of me or my dog or cat, which is really saying something because the dog and I are both afraid of the cat.

Every evening at dusk they'd use their limited flying skills to get up on the roof, and from there, into a nearby fir tree where they stayed all night. I used to bring them the left-over hotdog buns from work, and it got so they were so anxious to see me that they'd run to my truck as I came up the driveway and then chase me down the driveway as I left. Once nesting started, they boogied off to parts unknown, but hopefully they'll be back next spring. They were really kind of fun to have around, except when I parked under the tree they liked to roost in. Then they could be a pain.