Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Court Challenges Program

Right wingnuts across Canada are rejoicing that the Court Challenges Program has been axed. The CCP helped minority groups fight federal legislation that they felt was discriminatory, a process that would otherwise be unaffordable to the average person. What a terrible thing that is -- I can understand why the conservative cretins are happy to see that foolishness end! Minority rights, what next.

The CCP actually got little notice until the groundbreaking equal marriage decision that it funded: since then, conservatives have pissed and whined incessantly about "their tax dollars" funding something they "don't believe in", something that :::ohmygod, pass the smelling salts::: changed the Definition Of Marriage. Of course, there have been many other challenges launched by various parties, but gay marriage is the one and only reason conservatives have worked themselves up into such a constipated frenzy over the CCP.

You have to wonder what kind of sick fucker could see the looks of sheer joy on the faces of those couples newly-married after the law changed... and want to take that away from them. What kind of twisted mind begrudges people the most basic happiness just because they're different from them. How small-minded and mean-spirited can people be? Very, apparently. Oh, they might dress it up as "religious beliefs", but let's call it what it is: bigotry. And anyway, religious beliefs have no bearing on the making of law in Canada. This is a secular nation, and our laws uphold the constitution, not the fucking bible.

So they don't like their taxes being spent to fund a court challenge that rights an injustice against a minority? Guess what, I don't like my tax dollars funding their fucking churches -- hate it, in fact -- but I don't bitch about it because that's democracy. I don't whine and piss and moan that as an atheist it offends me. Although I think it might be time to start.

But the CCP is not dead yet. Canada's largest union, CUPE, has launched a campaign calling for the government to its restore funding. The wingnuts are showing their support of the cut to counter the CUPE campaign, blogging about it in this idiotic vein. Ooooh, the definition of marriage changed. Oooh, the gay agenda. With everything else that's going on in the world, how can they focus on such minutae? I guess it's all just too big for their little minds.