Friday, October 06, 2006

Here it comes: blame the kids.

It was only a matter of time before the floundering republicans would try to discredit the kids involved in the Foley scandal.

Canadian Cynic reports that in yesterday's diatribe, Rush Limbaugh tossed out the idea that maybe the emails and IMs were all part of a prank played on poor old Foley by the kids. Matt Drudge, Right-Wing Bottom-Feeder, picked up the ball and ran with it. Drudge suggested that in an interview a page had admitted the whole thing was a prank engineered by the kids, and that *somehow* the transcripts of the messages had gotten into the hands of The Enemy (democrats). Right-wingers glommed onto this theory (because it's all about the children, don't you know) and were quick to blame those little bastard pages for causing the scandal, and accuse them of "making the whole thing up". Of course this ignores the fact that even if it were a prank, Foley responded to it in some rather inappropritate ways -- such as taking a break in the midst of a congressional vote to fire off a few IMs and rub one out. (The vote was on the Child Protection and Safety act, no less.)

Unfortunately for Rush et al, this lame attempt to blame the kids was totally debunked by the lawyer acting for an ex-page. Now Hastert says he wants a good, thorough probe. Which is hopefully what he and his republican buddies will get... on Election Day.