Thursday, October 26, 2006

Just when I think right-wingnuts have gone as low as they can go

they dig a trench and jump in. Although there's any number of sick and sad republican capers one could spotlight today, this is about right-wing response to the Michael J Fox commercial for democrat Claire McCaskill, in which he pleads the case of the stem-cell research that could potentially cure his Parkinson's Disease.

Wingnut Rush Limbaugh led the charge into the gutter, questioning the veracity of Fox's symptoms. Then he refused to apologize, saying that he stands by what he said. Now the "pro-life" idiots have joined the fray, producing a commercial that contends, among other moronisms, that stem cell research will lead to human cloning and harvesting of eggs from impoverished women. Coming from the same fucktards who say that gay marriage will lead to man-on-sheep action and cause the sky to collapse all around us, this has about as much credibility as the weapons of mass destruction that the cerebrally-deprived still believe are hidden deep in the sands of Iraq.

But that ad doesn't even come close to the moronitude of this commercial the anti-abortion whackjobs have produced in response to Fox's ad. With mindblowing disingenuousness, the commercial shows a fetus of about 2 months gestation, with Fox's voice* in the background, doctored to make it sound like a plea from the fetus to stop stem-cell research. Completely disregarding the reality that new embryos, microscopic blastocysts of less than 100 cells, are used in embryonic stem-cell research, not fetuses. And the other pesky reality that these particular embryos are a byproduct of fertility treatments, so if they aren't used for research, they're flushed down the toilet.

But reality has never been a popular item with anti-choicers, and neither, I suppose, is the concept of karma.

*EDIT: The voice on the fetus commercial (which Bruce pointed out is a viral ad, internet only), isn't Michael J Fox, but in fact someone who sounds a lot like him reading a script similar to his.