Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday morning net-surfing discovery: "Stop My Abortion!"

Sometimes at the end of a long series of random mouse-clicks, you're rewarded with something so deliciously, twistedly, wickedly funny that you just have to share it.

Today I stumbled upon a blog authored by someone who's supposedly pregnant and in no financial circumstance to have a kid. Therefore, she's arranged to have an abortion on October 19.... Unless! She can get together enough cash to allow her to support a child, in which case she'll call off the abortion. The blog, called "Stop My Abortion!" asks for $40,000 in donations from pro-lifers .... or on October 20th, she'll post pictures of the aborted fetus. Shouldn't be a problem for the pro-lifers, right? The pro-life wingnuts are all so obsessively dedicated to their cause, they'd obviously pay any price if it would mean stopping an abortion. Because to refuse would be, well um, hypocrisy, wouldn't it? And think of the brownie points this would get them for when the roll is called up yonder!

Check it out... And if you're a pro-life nutter, grab that credit card!