Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Talk about scary

Another day, another problem in FUBAR'd Iraq (noooo.... you're kidding!!!) -- now it's weapons that have gone AWOL. No, not Saddam's WMDs; these are American weapons that have gone MIA. Over 14,000 of them, supplied to Iraqi security forces by the US, are suddenly *poof*, gone. Machine guns, semi-automatics, assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, all gone. (Also missing are spare parts and repair manuals for the weapons -- I'm just guessing, but I bet if you find those weapons, you'll find those spare parts and manuals too!)

Although even if the weapons are found, it'll be hard to prove that they're Defense Department property since the DoD neglected to register most of the serial numbers. Oh fiddlesticks, Rummy, what were you thinking. Heavens to Betsy.

The weapons have most likely found a new home with the militias that seem to be running things in Iraq these days, the same militias that US troops have been trying to get rid of. It's a struggle though, since the militias have infiltrated the very security forces the US is training and arming. And today, the Iraqi Prime Minister ordered US troops to leave a militia stronghold they've had surrounded for a few weeks in the hope of flushing them out. Sounds like PM Maliki, who's supposed to be on the Americans' side in this big fat clusterfuck, is no longer Staying The Course!

Missing weapons, militias, death squads, civil war: how much will it take? With all the disastrous scenarios pouring out of Iraq, it's clear that the US has completely lost control there and the troops are basically dodging the crossfire and trying to stay alive til their tours end. At the start of this farce, I doubted the pro-war contingent's motives -- now I'm seriously doubting their sanity. How can any sane person continue to support this bullshit misadventure???