Friday, October 13, 2006

There goes the base...

Hot on the heels of Bob Woodward's exposè of the ugly truth about the Bush administration, and in the midst of ongoing damage control regarding the Foley scandal, an ex-white house official has just published a book that's bound to have similarly negative repercussions. Written by David Kuo, an official with the "faith-based" initiatives program (whatever that is), the book 'Tempting Faith' reveals that top Bush administration aides referred to evangelical christians as "nuts", "goofy" and "out of control". The book maintains that the administration publicly embraced the religious right for political gain, but privately ridiculed them.

Ignorant, bigoted and dumb as a bag of hammers, the religious right has always been a key part of Bush's base. Without their votes, there's no way the republicans could have won the last election. All the republicans had to do was talk "god, gays and guns" and they had those 6 million votes in the bag. The Bush administration's hypocrisy comes as no surprise to anyone who's been paying attention over the years: Lee Atwater, Bush senior's strategist and Karl Rove's mentor, called the religious right "extra-chromosone conservatives" ("extra chromosone" being in reference to the extra chromosone that causes Down's Syndrome). It's further testimony to their obtuseness that the religious right has never picked up on this.

Kuo's book is bound to have some credibility with religious wingnuts since he's one of them. It remains to be seen if the insult will sink into their thick skulls, and if it does, whether they'll express their discontent in November. Though they'd never vote democrat, they may just decide to sit this one out, and that would be devastating to the republicans.

Meanwhile, holy cow: I think I just saw a pig soaring through the autumn sky... I finally agree with the bush administration on something.