Monday, October 16, 2006

This is just too much

Via Bread n Roses comes a delightful little item that once again shows the total unhinged fucking lunacy of the conservative christian right. I just about blew my lights when I read this:

"Emboldened by the anti-abortion movement's success in restricting access to abortion, an increasingly vocal group of Christian conservatives is arguing that it's time to mount a concerted attack on contraception."

Contraception? Now they want to put an end to contraception?? It's bad enough that for decades they've been trying their damnedest to limit our right to reproductive freedom, but now they want to end it altogether? Sure, take us back to the dark ages when there was no birth control and we were all baby-making machines. Maybe we could wear burqas while we're chained to the stove, dropping a kid every year. Un-fucking-believable. As outrageous as it is, I'm glad it's come to light because it certainly shows the true intentions of the religious right and their so-called "pro-life" movement. Stopping abortion is supposedly about "saving" the goddamn "babies" -- what is stopping contraception about, other than keeping women from having sex for any purpose other than procreation? That's it: slutty women having sex for fun, nasty, slutty whores, somebody has to punish them. (I can just see Charlie McVety salivating over this thought... ewww, creepy.)

What the fuck is wrong with these sick twisted bastards? Whether it's women having sex for fun, or gays (having gay sex for fun), christian wingnuts are totally obsessed with other peoples' sex lives. Isn't that some kind of psychological disorder? If it's not, it should be... maybe then we could have them all committed.