Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Exit Polls

Egads, it was a struggle to find any exit poll info. But I stayed the course and finally found some info on a few senate races at the New York Observer (with the caveat not to get too excited, because exit polls tend to favour democrats):

Missouri (Toss-up race) - McCaskill (D) 53, Talent (R) 46

Maryland - Cardin (D) 51, Steele (R) 48 (This one surprised me because I thought it was one the democrats might lose)

Virginia (Toss-up race) - Webb (D) 55, Allen (R) 45 (some toss-up!!)

Pennsylvania - Casey(D) 61, Santorum (R) 38 (Even with the exit poll caveat, it's easy to see who's getting his ass handed to him)