Friday, November 17, 2006

Georgie goes to Vietnam

36 years too late.

As part of his whirlwind Asian tour, George W visited Hanoi yesterday. Cognizant of being in the location of a long protracted war which the US ultimately lost, Georgie said the Vietnam war "offered lessons for the war in Iraq". "We'll succeed unless we quit", he stated. Bush said that “the world that we live in today is one where they want things to happen immediately and it’s hard work in Iraq.” (It's hard, it's hard work. Hard.)

Commenting on the elections last week where the republicans got a shit-kicking mainly because of the Bush administration's incompetent handling of Iraq, Bush said all that the election results mean is that Americans want to be assured that there's a plan for the war. Georgie's plan: "We're not leaving until this job is done". So much for the new improved, non-stay-the-course Georgie.

There most certainly is a lesson for Iraq in Vietnam, but George isn't getting it. It looks like all he's learned from the "lessons of Vietnam" is that there's a benchmark number of troops, say 58,000, that can die before the US declares victory and departs.