Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's official...

...OJ Simpson is a bottom-feeding scumbag.

Simpson's acquittal on the charge of killing his wife and her friend has earned a place in legal history as one of the worst judicial fuckups to ever degrade the courts. OJ's always maintained his innocence in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and just to show he's serious, he's spent the intervening 12 years relentlessly combing swanky golf courses in search of the Real Killer. For awhile it was great stand-up comedy fodder, but it long ago stopped being newsworthy.

But rather than welcoming the privacy he hasn't had for years, OJ's taking another stab at keeping himself in the public eye, with a book about the crime teasingly titled "If I Did It, Here's How It Happened", which OJ's publisher calls "his confession". In the book Simpson hypothesizes about how he would have done the crime, had he done it. (Had he done it. Ha.) It begs the question, has OJ Simpson gone bugshit insane? Or is he just a cold heartless prick? OJ is crazy like a fox; he knows full well that double-jeopardy laws protect him from being re-tried for the same crime, so he can scream and shout all he wants that He Did It. Why blow a great money-making opportunity just for the sake of decency? And of course, it's all hypothetical. (Uh-huh.)

OJ's excellent attorneys no doubt gave him legal advice up the yin-yang before letting him publish this book. It'd be ironic if Nicole Brown's family found even better lawyers who figured out a way of prosecuting him, based on the book, that got around double-jeopardy. Not likely, but failing that I hope they can at least get some kind of attachment to the profits from the book, since douchebag OJ even defaulted on the $33million civil suit that they won against him. It's bad enough he got away with the crime, but beyond outrageous that he could profit from it.