Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kerry apologizes for Republican lies

After pressure from both parties, John Kerry issued an apology to the troops and anyone else who was mistakenly offended by what he meant to be a joke about Bush. I assumed he'd been referring to the fact that an education would offer young people more career options than joining the military, which is quite true and no insult to the troops, many of whom enlist for the express purpose of getting an education. But taken in its full context, Kerry's remark actually referred to Bush, whose intellectual laziness -- no, let's call it what it is: stupidity -- is well known. The misfire was saying "you get stuck in Iraq" when what he meant to say was "you get us stuck in Iraq".

The Republicans have given the Democrats any number of reasons to call them out -- insults aren't necessary and playing the insult game puts one on thin ice. So now, after Kerry apologized and made it clear that the white house was misrepresenting his insult to Bush as an insult to the troops, Bush hopped on the opportunity like a chimp on a banana tree. Now Georgie says he's unhappy with the tone of political discourse in Washington DC, the insults, the name-calling. Boo fuckin' hoo. It's amazing: even Kerry's apology is being used against the democrats.

Of course, anyone with their head screwed on knows that Georgie and his crew have done more to lower the level of discourse in US politics than anyone. Not only calling the democrats "soft on terror", but accusing them of "rooting for the terrorists " and "giving comfort to the enemy" -- what's that? The republicans have redefined the word "low", and made hypocrisy an art form.