Monday, November 06, 2006

New Lows in hysteria-mongering

This is the latest outrage of a mailer that the GOP sent out recently, via Talking Points Memo and the New York Daily News "Politics" Blog.

It's not just the overwrought hyperbole, "family values under attack". The GOP thinks everything they supposedly stand for is under attack; the War on Christmas and the subsequent War on Easter (O'Reilly), the War on Manliness (Limbaugh), the War on Religion, the War on Marriage, etc ad nauseum, where's the barf-bag.

The woman in the ad is apparently about to be raped. Which in itself is an outrage, equating Democrat control of congress with a heinous sex crime. But that hand over her mouth... it's dark enough to belong to an african-american or middle-easterner.

I guess it speaks to my typically Canadian colour-blindness that I didn't even notice the skin colour until it was pointed out by the commenters at the Politics blog. Americans notice stuff like this right away. That the GOP would play not only to the fear of their base, but to their closeted innate racism, is despicable in a way that's almost surreal. Anything, anything, for a vote.

It's the real face of the GOP. Hopefully any African-Americans who were planning to vote republican will take note.