Monday, November 06, 2006

Profiles in brain damage

The US midterms are finally in the home stretch. In an attempt to fend off disastrous losses in the house and senate, the GOP has pulled out all the stops to rally the faithful. George W Dumbfuck himself has been on the campaign trail for a month, slopping out the koolaid and shovelling hot steaming maggot-infested loads of bullshit as fast as he can. And his rallying cry? "We'll stay in Iraq, fight in Iraq and win in Iraq!" I was amazed to hear Georgie say it on TV tonight, but even more amazed to hear his audience cheer!

In any serious debate, "You're too fucking stupid to live" would be an unacceptable rebuttal. But the fact that anyone could still vote for the party that's promising to "stay, fight and win in Iraq" leaves little else to be said. What's in that koolaid that lobotomizes these people so completely? How is it that, with all the evidence to the contrary, they still believe the war in Iraq is winnable? What do they consider "winning"? Anyone who registers even the faintest activity on a brainscan knows that one of the most compelling reasons for the US to get out of Iraq is that they no longer even know who the enemy is, and under those circumstances there's no winning.
Even the neoconservatives who lovingly designed the Iraq war as the first brushstroke in the rendering of their vision of a middle east re-cast in an American image are running for cover and admitting defeat.

America is 3-1/2 years into a war that was supposed to last 3 months. It defies logic that at this point anyone could think the promise to "stay, fight and win" with no exit plan in sight is a good reason to elect someone to anything other than a seat in the prisoners' dock at the Hague.