Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Way to go, Obama-man

This is exactly what the entire democratic party needs to get behind.

Barack Obama has introduced a bill mandating the complete withdrawl of US troops from Iraq by March 2008. This goes Hillary Clinton, who suggested troop withdrawl be complete by the end of Bush's term (January 2009, oh god, only 103 more Bush-weeks to go), one better: it means resolving the war before the 2008 election. If Obama's bill passes successfully, it would mean there'd be no possibility of Bush passing the Iraq buck.

Bush of course is desperately trying to foist the Iraq clusterfuck off on the next administration, as indicated by his State of the Union speech reference to the war continuing "long after we've passed our responsibilities on to others". Wrong: "The Pottery Barn Rule" Colin Powell called it. You broke it, you fucking own it. Trying to pass the responsibility on to the next administration, sacrificing more lives just so his legacy won't be that of a lost war, is the height of self-serving, egotistical gutlessness. Own it, Georgie, it's yours.

Here's hoping Obama's bill passes.

Crooks & Liars has the video.