Saturday, February 03, 2007

Birth Pangs

The inventive gang at the "bread n roses" feminist forum have come up with a parody website to counter the social-conservative obsession with pushing, prodding and poking their noses into women's reproductive lives. "Birth Pangs" advocates regulating pregnancy the same way the so-cons want to regulate reproductive choice.

"Birth Pangs" contains dire warnings about the ill effects of pregnancy, like "depression, sleepless nights and teenagers". There's new and disturbing research revealing evidence that pregnancy harms women in a multitude of ways, from hemorrhoids to oversized ta-tas. And of course there's the alarming fact that pregnancy is available on demand to women of all ages, without parental or spousal consent. Egads!

The "ZOOOM! Right Over My Head" crowd didn't catch the irony at first, and one so-con blogger posted a hyperbolic article about "radical feminists against pregnancy", or some such shit. The linked site now has a disclaimer that "this is a parody". (He was just funnin'... sure buddy. I believe you.) The point of the exercise, for anyone short on irony and comprehension skills, is that regulating abortion is as ridiculous as regulating pregnancy.

Hell, if it was a real campaign, I'd be out there right now pounding the pavement as a Birth Pangs Sidewalk Counsellor, and stuffing mailboxes with graphic pictures of little kids going berserk at Chuck E Cheese's: "Don't let this happen to you!"