Friday, February 23, 2007


I love it when I can't tell if a conservative website is real or a parody. I wasn't sure what to think about "Conservapedia", the wingnut version of Wikipedia (without all those pesky anti-christian facts). Some of the stuff in it is just too ridiculous to be anything but parody. Looking through the "Articles recommended for Deletion", I found:
The "Homosphere"? This kind of screams "parody", doesn't it? (But it isn't.) It was obviously added by someone with a sense of snark -- while it's being considered for deletion, it seems to be up for discussion as to whether the Homosphere really exists. (It does.) "Keep an eye on it", the editors say.

I looked up "Conservapedia" on (where else) Wikipedia, which redirected to something called "the Eagle Forum", an extreme right socon website featuring the shithouse-rat crazy Phyllis Schlafly. Says Wiki:

"Eagle Forum is connected with Eagle Forum University, which offers conservative-oriented online courses on topics such as American History 101. Eagle Forum University courses make use of Conservapedia, a nascent wiki-based online encyclopedia with a conservative point of view."

I still wasn't ready to buy that this whole thing wasn't the product of some Wiki snarkmeisters with some spare time on their hands and was almost ready to call bullshit when I found this. Ohmifuckingod, "Conservapedia" is real, and the wingnuts are officially living in a parallel universe.

On the other hand, it's nice to know that reality has a liberal bias.