Monday, February 19, 2007

McCain the moderate: "overturn Roe"

I know, I know, another goddamn abortion post. Believe me, I hate writing them even more than all my 5 readers hate reading them. But until these pigs get their noses out of our collective crotches, it has to be done.

John McCain, former "moderate" conservative, showed his true colours in an interview on ABC today. Questioned about abortion, he expressed his unequivocal support for overturning Roe v. Wade.

McCain weaseled around the issue a little, stating that as a federalist, he'd rather see issues like abortion and gay marriage handled by individual states than in federal legislation. The problem as I see it is that abortion and gay marriage are human rights, and as such, should never be left to state-by-state legislation, referendum or the like. A country either has human rights or it doesn't.

McCain has been actively courting the religious right in his nomination campaign, so maybe this isn't a complete surprise. Hopefully moderate american conservatives will take note.

Think Progress has the video.