Monday, February 19, 2007

More apologies demanded by Who Else

After the shitstorm unleashed on the now-infamous "Edwards Bloggers" ("the Edwards 2"?) culminated in their resignations from the campaign, you'd think the christoids would be satisfied. But oh nooooo, the worshippers at Our Lady Of Perpertual Fucking Indignance are once again twitching and bleating in the spasms of a persecution high.

After Marcotte and McEwan were bullied out of their jobs, all week long they were overwhelmed with emails that ran the gamut from hateful stupidity to death threats. Funny the jabbering jesusbots who demanded apologies from all and sundry for supposedly insulting "anti-christian" rhetoric didn't feel compelled to apologize for the hate speech and death threats made in their name.

After all the shit they put those women through, rather than apologize for their knuckle-dragging constituency they searched for evidence that, oh dear! they too were subjected to threats. They combed through the posts on Pam Spaulding's blog "Pam's House Blend", until they found a comment that might be construed as a threat, and jumped on it like a bunch of shrieking winged monkeys. According to wingnut-a-rama news Canada Free Press:

"In what was, at the very least, an apparent attempt to intimidate and frighten Americans for Truth president Peter LaBarbera, who is married with children, someone on House Blend published his home address in a January 13, 2007, thread. Shortly thereafter, someone identified as "Barry G. Wick" suggested that "snipers take note" of LaBarbera's address. Wick also suggested that shooting LaBarbera would amount to an act of self defense and stated that, "[LaBarbera] and others like him ought to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what future awaits them from a cadre of selected defenders willing to give up everything in order to protect the lives of gay and lesbian citizens."

This was one single comment, and probably not even posted in complete seriousness. Even if the commenter was serious, well boo fucking hoo. It hardly ranks up with the hundreds of threatening comments and hate mail that Marcotte and McEwan were subjected to. And yet, the bible-humping nutcases had the nerve to demand an apology from Pam Spaulding and her employer. And after Pam apologized, they said: she should apologize further.

"She should apologize to the millions of Christians around the world whom she mocks and bashes on a daily basis..."

Where does it end? Answer: it doesn't. Not until people stand up to these power-crazed nitwits and tells them to stuff their self-righteous whining up their asses. If they don't want to be ridiculed, they should stop being so fucking ridiculous.