Thursday, February 22, 2007

No apology for Question Period bullying

Stephen Harper refuses to apologize for the slimy insinuations he made that turned yesterday's Question Period into a zoo. Why am I not surprised?

Of course, he's playing it cute, refusing to acknowledge that he did anything more than reading something out of a newspaper. This reminds me so much of something a spoiled, bullying frat boy would do. Harper has indeed morphed into Bush Lite; he's been showing it more every day as he hypnotically recites campaign slogans through every speech he makes. "Getting things dooone... Canada's neeeewwww gooooovernment.... getting things doooooone.... we want to get things doooooone...." (Can conservatives really be so stupid that they can't see when they're being played when they hear those slogans over and over?)

Harper's performance yesterday was a bit of a departure from the normal script though, and revealed the ugly side of him that he seemed to have gotten under control. The Bully, the smirking rube, firing off ad hominems and feigning innocence. This was the Reform side of Harper, the side that's been hiding all this time under the facade of "Conservative". Yesterday's sliming wasn't a mistake or an unintended consequence, it's who Harper really is. The only people that will be pleased by this side of him are the other bullies.