Monday, February 05, 2007

Piss on ATMs!

From Croatia, an unusual case of ATM rage.

A guy was out getting all drunked up when he ran out of money. He went to an ATM and it swallowed his card, as they're sometimes wont to do, especially when you're in a desperate situation like drunk and in need of more beer. Drunk Buddy's response was to stand on a wastebasket and piss on the ATM. Feeling that his outrage hadn't been sufficiently vented, Buddy then dropped his drawers, approached the machine ass-first, and tried to "make a deposit". It was during this attempt that he was arrested.

"Daily newspaper Jutarnji List said he told police: 'I was really annoyed - I couldn't buy any more beer and decided to express my dissatisfaction.'"

I wonder if the security video will make it to YouTube.

(from fark)