Sunday, February 11, 2007

Portugal says yes

to womens' reproductive freedom:

"PORTUGAL'S ruling Socialists will use their majority in parliament to legalise abortion after today's referendum on the issue failed because turnout was too low to make it binding. More than half of the traditionally Catholic nation's 8.7 million electorate abstained. Of those who voted, 59.3 per cent voted to lift the abortion ban and 40.8 per cent to keep it. Socialist Prime Minister Jose Socrates said despite the turnout, the outcome was in favour of lifting the ban. Portugal's new abortion law will only allow abortions in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy."

Update: A few different sites are reporting it now. The referendum itself fell short of the 50% turnout needed, but it got enough of a turnout (44%) and was definitively in favour (60%) that the government will go ahead with legalization allowing abortion in the first 10 weeks. As much as the fundies would like to keep throwing women in jail for daring to exercise their reproductive rights, Portugal is joining the modern world.