Saturday, February 10, 2007

Socons not welcome to run for Tories

Heh. This is teh funny.

It looks like the social conservatives aren't quite the political force they thought they were within the Conservative Party. The tories aren't chancing the loss of a single seat in the next election, so they're discouraging the nomination of socons. The most recent was Heather Stilwell, a BC wingnutter who was planning to run for the federal conservatives in the next election. Stilwell is a Surrey schoolboard trustee and longtime christian soldier in the battle against those 2 issues that give socons a reason to live, abortion and gay marriage. Stilwell had been told that her social conservative credentials might cause problems for her nomination:

"Prior to launching her campaign to become the Conservative nominee, Stilwell was warned that the Party would not allow her to run due to her history as a prominent advocate for the right to life and the traditional family.

That warning came after the Party had either outright forbidden or surreptitiously thwarted attempts by other social conservatives to enter the race to become candidates for the Party. Notably in 2005, the Party forbade social conservative John Pacheco from contesting the Conservative nomination in an Ottawa riding. Pacheco was the main organizer of the Ottawa Marriage March which drew over 15,000 people to Parliament Hill. "

Well well, obviously the Conservative Party doesn't concur with socons that most Canadians share their fucked-up vision of the world. In fact, it seems as though they're afraid running socon candidates would jeopardize those ridings, so they don't want them. Pacheco was the first bible-humping hatebot to be shown the door by the tories; he contested their nomination because the candidate favoured same-sex marriage, and the party told him to get stuffed. He then ran as an independent and lost by a landslide, which no doubt didn't go unnoticed by Harper.

Ms. Stilwell was summarily rejected as a candidate because, according to Tory HQ, her nomination papers were all fucked up. Good excuse, but whatever works. The question now is when will these jesus camp rejects dump the Tories and form their own party? Christian Heritage Party? Family Coalition Party? I'd love to see them running someone to compete with the conservatives in the next election. The vote on the right is in desperate need of splitting, so go socons, I'm pulling for ya.