Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Abu Gonzales et al

Watching the house of cards known as the Prosecutor Purge investigation come tumbling down and the lies told to congress about it unravel, one really has to wonder: is there anyone, anyone at all in the bush administration who isn't a thug or an outright criminal? When the top cop of the land, AG Gonzales, lies to congress under oath, something is really, putrefyingly rotten.

As if more was needed, here's further proof that the prosecutors were fired so the white house could replace them with their own administration-friendly guys who'd carry out the bush administration's version of the law:

"Emails in August of 2006 show that Karl Rove's deputy was intimately involved in getting Tim Griffin, who himself used to be an aide to Rove, installed as the federal prosecutor in eastern Arkansas."

The prosecutor firings were initially motivated by the administration's desire not only to twist the rule of law, but to make it their own, in one final grasp for power. Friendly prosecutors would allow them to carry on with their nefarious activities unimpeded, while making groundless charges against political foes. The administration loyalists being installed in place of the fired prosecutors would be at the beck-and-call of the white house, launching the investigations they want, regardless of lack of evidence. Prosecutors could basically be used as white house hit men.

It hardly needs saying that this administration is completely out of control. Not only do they believe they're above the law, but that the law is whatever is convenient for them. Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy indeed -- it isn't back, it never went away. And we're only just beginning to find out how vast it really is.