Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blog Against Theocracy

Check this out! Easter weekend (April 6-8), some stateside bloggers are launching a blog-swarming offensive in support of separation of church and state, "Blog against theocracy". From neural gourmet:

"I'd like invite you all to
Blog Against Theocracy. This is a little blog swarm being put together by everybody's favorite panties blogger Blue Gal for Easter weekend, April 6th through the 8th. The idea is simple. Just post something related to, and in support of, the separation of church and state each of those three days. Something big, something small, artistic, musical, textual or otherwise. The topic is your choosing. Whether your thing is stem cell research, intelligent design/Creationism, abortion rights, etc., it's all good. Separation of church and state impacts so many issues and is essential."

Ho ho! I wonder if Canadian bloggers can get in on this fun action. Religious nutters have metastasized a lot further into the USA than they have in Canada, but make no mistake, they're here. Why is there suddenly all this noise about "debating" the reproductive rights women have had for years? Sure, gay rights have advanced, but who keeps trying to push them back into the closet? And why does a loathsome shit-sucker like Charles McVety have so much influence on the "new" conservative government? The religious whackjobs are here alright, and they get a lot of their fucked-up messianic ideas from their USian counterparts. We need to start our theocracy watch now: early detection and all that.

"Blog Against Theocracy", what an outstanding idea! And for me, extremely easy, since blogging against religion is my default setting anyway.

(via pharyngula)