Friday, March 23, 2007

Democrats flex their new muscles

What a difference an election makes: the democrats are about to get some major anti-war legislation passed.

The Democratic bill, which will be voted on within the hour, would have all troops out of Iraq by September 2008. Once it's passed today, as it's expected to, it goes to Senate where it's also expected to have enough support to pass. That's interesting because it means that some senate republicans will be voting for it... the democrats obviously can't count on "independent" Lieberman.

Unfortunately, if the bill passes in the senate, King Georgie will get out his "I Can Do Whatever The Fuck I Want" pen and veto it. But this can't be good for georgie: if things continue to go badly in Iraq, which they almost certainly will, it's looking more and more like the fault of an out-of-control white house. All the more reason for impeachment?

Update: Passed, 218 - 212.