Saturday, March 31, 2007

Donohue's milk chocolate messiah meltdown

Now that he's managed to turn Six-foot Chocolate Jesus into a homeless guy, the catholic league's head wingnut Bill Donohue went on CNN's 360 last night to debate the Six-foot Chocolate Jesus issue with the artist, Cosimo Cavallaro.

I think Donohue would be doing more of a service to catholics (and the world at large) if he applied some duct tape over his flapping lips: read the transcript (scroll down 1/3 page), what a nougatty fuckin' nutbar this guy is. Here's his opening salvo:

"WILLIAM DONAHUE, PRESIDENT, CATHOLIC LEAGUE: Well, of course, asking the public to come in and eat Jesus, with his genitals exposed, during Holy Week I think would be self-explanatory. If we took an image of this artist's mother, and made her out in chocolate, with her genitals exposed, of course, to be equal, and then asked the public to eat her on Mother's Day, yes, he might have a problem. Maybe he wouldn't. But you know what bothers me? It's not even the artist. I mean, we have a lot of these loser artists down in SoHo and around the country. What bothers me is that this guy Knowles, who is an artist in residence, the owner, the president and CEO of an establishmentarian site, the Roger Smith Hotel, 47th and Lexington, in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, that is what bothers me, because now we have the establishment kicking in. And to put this out during Holy Week, on street level, when kids can walk in off the street, these people are morally bankrupt. And my goal is to make them financially bankrupt."

What the hell is on this guy's mind? "Genitals exposed" twice in his first two sentences? Get a grip, Mr. Donohue! Err -- I mean, get ahold of yourself! No wait, uh -- anyway, the rest of the transcript gets funnier as Donohue works himself into a righteous, eyeball-popping, spittle-flying rage and Cavallaro makes him look like an idiot. All very well and good, but Chocolate Jesus is still homeless.

UPDATE: Crooks & Liars has the video. Gaaawwwwd, what a fucking nut.