Friday, March 23, 2007

From bad to worse for Gonzales

As expected, the bush administration is throwing AG Alberto Gonzales right under the bus. From tonight's Justice Department document dump, there's new evidence that Gonzales not only knew all about the plan to fire 8 prosecutors, but signed off on the list of prosecutors to be canned:

"The previously undisclosed meeting appeared to contradict Mr. Gonzales’s previous statements about his knowledge of the dismissals. He said at a news conference on March 13 that he had not participated in any discussions about the removals, but knew in general that his aides were working on personnel changes involving United States attorneys.

Tasia Scolinos, a Justice Department spokeswoman, told reporters on Friday evening that Mr. Gonzales’s attendance at the hourlong meeting was not inconsistent with his past remarks.

“He tasked his chief of staff to carry this plan forward,” Ms. Scolinos said. “He did not participate in the selection of the U.S. attorneys to be fired. He did sign off on the final list.”"

Tsk tsk. Abu's caught lying again. I think the time he has left would best be measured in hours, not days.

UPDATE: Gonzales is soooo fucked...