Thursday, March 15, 2007

Get the popcorn

The "prosecutor purge" scandal is far from over, and it doesn't end with Abu Gonzales. As Sid Blumenthal says in today's Salon, "All Roads lead to Rove":

"To the extent that the facts are known, Rove keeps surfacing in the middle of the scandal. And it is implausible that Sampson, the latest designated fall guy, was responsible for an elaborate bureaucratic coup d'├ętat. Nor is it credible that Gonzales -- or Harriet Miers, who has yet to be heard -- saw or heard no evil. Neither is it reasonable that Gonzales or Miers, both once Bush's personal attorneys in Texas, getting him out of scrapes such as his drunken driving arrest, could be the political geniuses behind the firings. Gonzales' and Miers' service is notable for their obedience, lack of originality and eagerness to act as tools. The scheme bears the marks of Rove's obsessions, methods and sources. His history contains a wealth of precedents in which he manipulated law enforcement for political purposes. And his long-term strategy for permanent Republican control of government depended on remaking the federal government to create his ultimate goal -- a one-party state."

This odious asshole is at the center of everything sleazy, immoral, unethical and possibly illegal that clouds the white house. What does he have to do before he's sent to his rightful place in a prison cell? Have a kitty and puppy barbeque with Cheney on the Truman balcony?