Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Heckofajob, Abu

This sounds familiar:

Mr. Bush said he still had confidence in Mr. Gonzales, his old friend from Texas. But he said the dismissals had been bungled, 'and frankly I’m not happy about it.'

Mr. Bush, speaking at a news conference in Mérida, Mexico, with President Felipe Calderón of Mexico, said that he was pleased that Mr. Gonzales had acknowledged mistakes surrounding the dismissals, but that “Al’s got work to do up on the Hill,” a reference to the Capitol, where many Democrats and several Republicans have expressed anger and dismay over the firings."

Hmmm. Which was followed closely by this. And this, which was followed closely by this.

So how long before Gonzales takes a hike? A few days? A week? After which Bush could weep and gnash about how the incident highlights the need to make changes (changes like maybe firing some more prosecutors)?

I'm betting Gonzales will be Gone-zales by next Friday. You can't beat the Curse of the Georgie Vote of Confidence!