Sunday, March 04, 2007

The little paper that could... scare the shit out of you!

Metronews is a little freebie paper that's distributed in a few major cities. Looking at the paper's news categories, one couldn't be blamed for thinking the apocalypse was nigh: "CANADA, WORLD, TERRORIST ATTACKS, ELECTION, SCIENCE, HEALTH, DISASTER, MEDIA". Terrorist attacks? Disaster? Are there so many terrorist attacks and disasters every day that they deserve their own sections in the paper? When "Terrorist Attacks" and "Disaster" displace "Sports" and "Business", the world is indeed going to hell in a handcart. At least that's what Metronews seems to want its readers to believe. Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Of course, it doesn't stand up well under scrutiny. Upon closer inspection, we find the "Terrorist Attacks" all seem to be happening in war zones. Maybe someone should tell the Metronews editorial board that this is what's known in military jargon as "battle". "Terrorist Attacks" are guys blowing up subways or piloting airliners into buildings. Big difference.

As for "Disasters", the first 2 words below the headline are "Sorrowful Bush" and I can't argue with that.