Sunday, March 25, 2007

My invitation

must have gotten lost in the mail. Too bad! Sounds like a good bash:

"Blustery rocker Sir Elton John, who recently described organized religion as "hateful" and worthy of being banned, was slated to whoop it up last night at the famed Morningside Heights cathedral in celebration of his 60th birthday."

Woohoo! Sounds like the perfect place to bash it up -- the acoustics would be captain-fantastic. But wouldn't you know it, there's always a few fusty old farts that want to poop on the party:

"Church officials apparently turned the other cheek to Sir John's disparaging comments, but some worshipers were still a little miffed.

'It's inappropriate that everyone will be drunk and flamboyant in the cathedral,' said one peeved churchgoer yesterday."

Innappropriate that everyone will be drunk and flamboyant? At Elton's 60th birthday party? It'd be innappropriate if everyone wasn't drunk and flamboyant. This is the way it's done: in the picture at the right, designer Donnatella Versace makes her entrance to the party in style. Now that's what I call a good bash, when the guests aren't just leaving on their hands and knees, they're arriving that way! Who knows how they left -- on stretchers? Wooohooo! Happy Birthday Sir Elton!