Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Never mind the kid in jail -- look! Shiny new buses!

Yesterday morning while I was waiting for the Libby verdict to be announced, I saw a press conference where Harper was announcing new funding for the TTC or some such shit. Okay, it's not shit if you live in Toronto -- I've spent many an hour on the TTC and I realize how critical it is in getting around that monster of a municipality. My point is that when there's a 9-year-old Canadian kid languishing in an American prison, it kind of makes more funding for the red rocket look a little trivial. But anyway.

While taking questions, one reporter had the gonads to ask Harper what he's doing about Kevin, the kid who's stuck in prison with his Iranian parents for the crime of... oh, I don't know, flying while muslim? Good to see this issue is still top-of-mind with the media. Harper's reply -- not so good:

"Harper, in Toronto on Tuesday, said his government isn't 'in a position to dictate what happens in other jurisdictions... But we are following the matter closely'."

That was about what I expected from the gutless turd. "Not in a position to dictate what happens in other jurisdictions"? When it involves a Canadian citizen? Why not? Because Georgie might get mad? You just know what would happen if the situation was turned around, if we had over-zealous anti-terrorism cops that decided to hold an American kid in a Canadian jail: we'd have a cruise missile knocking at the door, that's what would happen.

At least the ACLU is on the case. Harper has a habit of trying to take the credit for other peoples' work, so if the ACLU manages to spring the kid, I hope everyone remembers who took action and who sat on his fat ass doing sweet fuck-all.