Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What comes after the War On Christmas?

You got it: the War On Easter!

From September til New Years Day, Bill O'Reilly blathers non-stop about the War On Christmas. Once the holiday presents have been opened, the holiday parties over-indulged at and the holiday trees taken down, it's time to move on to the next front in the Culture War: Easter. In their never-ending quest for fuel to feed their audience's indignance addiction, the paranoid right-wingers at Fox "News" have issued a call to arms to defend Easter from yet another attack by christian-hating "secular-progressives". The evidence is in: the city of Walnut Creek is now calling the Easter Bunny the Spring Bunny:

"This year, John Gibson is carrying the “War on Easter” mantra, hailing it today as 'an incredible development.' Gibson cited efforts by the city of Walnut Creek, California, to rebrand the Easter bunny as the spring bunny. 'Is this political correctness gone too far?' Gibson wondered."

Unfortunately for the pot-stirring nutbars at Fox and the persecution junkies they cater to, Walnut Creek launched their attack on Easter 5 years ago, which kind of takes some of the urgency out of the threat. Especially since nobody even noticed it. On the other hand, 5 years' worth of backlogged indignance could be a lot of fun to wallow in.