Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Whatever you think of Tony Snow,

the Bullshitter-in-Chief of the white house who's battling cancer, the guy's sick and should be cut some slack. I know, he lies on a daily basis in defense of what has to be the most evil and odious gang of thugs and asslickers ever to occupy the white house. But I don't think we're solidifying our side's legendary reputation for compassion when we greet the news of Snow's cancer surgery like this:

"He is pure lying scum and should die ASAP!"

Egads. Now this one, while in questionable taste, kind of cracked me up:

"Tony Snow is giving birth to Dick Cheney's alien-baby as we speak!"

Not that I'm any pollyanna -- my first reaction upon hearing about Snow's surgery was that the growth in his abdomen was his head stuck up his ass**. Tsk-tsk. But that was before it was revealed that his cancer had metastasized; now I'm hoping he fights the good fight and comes out of this okay. The sooner he returns to his bullshitting duties at the white house, the sooner I can resume ridiculing him.

So Mr. Snow gets some slack and my genuine wishes for good luck and good health. (If it were Dick Cheney in this situation, however... well, we won't go there.)

**EDIT: Damn, I knew the idea of Head-Up-Arse Syndrome got planted in my little brain from somewhere. Props to sheena, she called the diagnosis!