Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Belinda leaving politics

That was quick. It doesn't seem like that long ago that Belinda Stronach was running for the conservative party leadership and lost, by quite a wide margin as I recall, against Harper. That was my first clue that the "progressive" was really out of "progressive conservatives" -- among progressive conservatives I think she should have been much more competition for a rube like Harper. Given the knuckledraggers who make up most of the rest of that party, it was certainly no surprise to see her cross the floor. I was hoping to see her in a more prominent position at some point -- Belinda for PM? Why not?

But I suspect her personal baggage did her in; she's handed the opposition so much attack material, just with the Domi thing. That kind of screw-up can be a problem for men in public office, but voters are much less forgiving of women. Rudy Giuliani, with 3 marriages, a mistress and who knows how much fucking around in his personal history, is still a frontrunner in the US republican presidential race. People tend to look the other way with men: "boys will be boys" or some such shit. Well, "girls just wanna have fun", eh? Not yet, I'm afraid.

Oh well, the Belinda news gives the right-wing wankosphere another reason to furiously stroke itself into an orgasm of monkey-like rage and ecstasy. Should be some good material there.