Thursday, April 19, 2007

Gonzales speaks: toast on the grill

AG Alberto Gonzales is fighting a losing battle for his job today as he testifies to the Senate Judicial Committee investigating the prosecutor firings -- "Attorneygate?". I've only seen a bit of it, but he's clearly a man under duress, someone sinking in the quicksand of a thousand fucking lies. One after another, the committee calls him out on them. Like this.

"Sen. Feingold (D-WI) had one of the clearest and most damning exchanges with AG Gonzales earlier this morning. He made a clear and devastating point. The AG says not he's really aware of what input, advice and views went into compiling the list of fired US Attorneys. He fired the US Attorneys based on that list. But he's certain that no improper motives went into the compilation of the list, even though he's not aware of how the list was assembled or why different people's names were put on it. That's a logical contradiction."

"I just work here"!? Okay, I can understand how the AG might not be aware of how much ink is left in the office photocopier, but the "I just work here" excuse doesn't fly for things like fired prosecutors.

Another reason why it's always better to tell the truth.
I mean besides the fact that it's, um, the right thing to do.