Monday, April 16, 2007


It's been a vicious, ugly day in the right-wing booger-sphere. After any tragedy involving guns, reaction from the right is a predictably idiotic kneejerk rant against gun control. This was on display in all its goofy glory as the ignorant and incoherent vented their spleen against the liberal gun-haters who won't let them pack heat in public. Of all the imbecilic responses to this tragedy that I saw splattered across right wankersville like so much pigshit across a farmer's field, commenter Canadian Infidel from SDA was one of my faves:

"I just bought my 1 year membership to the NRA online. I've been meaning to do it for awhile. I don't own a gun yet, but they need my support. That's my reaction to the calls for gun control." (emphasis mine)

Yes indeedy, I'm sure that $35US will keep the NRA afloat for at least the next 10 seconds. If this dipshit ever decides to actually *get a gun* instead of just a T-shirt with a picture of one, he'll realize that his money would be better spent on an FAC than an NRA membership. Or maybe not, which is fine too, because it means he'll never get his paws on anything more dangerous than a pea shooter. Tool!

Then this fucking nitwit momentarily stuck his head out of his fortified bunker (after looking both ways for flying bullets) to opine that if VTech hadn't banned guns on campus the tragedy wouldn't have happened: some sharp-shooting prof could have taken the perp out before the he completed his rampage. Never mind that allowing guns on campus would inevitably result in more shootings. This numbskull would be happier if society's prevailing attitude was that kids need to be armed to the teeth to go to school. Jerkwad!

The US has to stop kow-towing to the NRA and get serious about gun control: the country is starting to become defined by school shootings. And I say this not as a gun-hating liberal peacenik: guns are an issue where my political compatriots and I part company. I like them; I currently own two (rifle and handgun), but my little arsenal has held as many as 9 guns. As a female living alone out in the sticks, I feel more comfortable having a gun around, especially since my house has been broken into twice. I don't want to shoot anyone, but it takes the cops 45 minutes to get here and a lot can happen in that window of opportunity. And it ain't happening to me.

That said, I don't think anyone but cops and soldiers should be allowed to walk around with guns in public. And I think guns should be really, really, really hard to get. As much trouble as it was to get my most recent handgun (2 months waiting period, RCMP clearance, safety course), I was reassured that it was such a pain in the ass. Of course people can get guns illegally, but that's another issue. Why not at least control the guns we can control?

There's a reason that Canada has had 2 school shootings in the last 10 years and the US has had 36 (including today's), and it isn't because their population is 18 times higher than ours (it's about 7 times higher). It's gun control, and it's time the gun nuts grew up and started treating these things like the deadly weapons they are, instead of toys.