Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Here's why it's important.

Since last week's decision by SCOTUS to uphold the ban on late-term abortions, anti-choicers have been asking "What's the big deal about banning one procedure?" The non-medically-trained Supreme Court is dictating which medical procedures may be indicated in a blanket decision that applies to a multitude of situations where virtually every one is different; anyone who doesn't find that worrying is well and truly brain-dead.

This man's story is all over the internet but I'm re-posting the link in the interest of keeping it on the radar. It's about how he had to make the decision to abort when his wife's pregnancy went so wrong that her life was in danger. It's an example of the real-world implications of the late-term abortion ban: women will die. You'd think people who call themselves "pro-life" would care about someone dying, but do they? Not one fucking bit. "What's the big deal?" Here's the big deal, you ignorant fuckwads.

(via birth pangs)