Monday, April 09, 2007

Uhh, thanks a lot, Al

Damn, coulda been a "two-fer". Ka-fucking-BOOM! Well close, but no cigar.

In what could be a metaphor for the Iraq war in a "mistakes were made" kind of way, Georgie just about blew himself, Cheney, and everything else in the white house area to smithereens last week while checking out a hybrid car. Ford CEO Allan Mulally was quick to intervene when he saw Georgie, the car and the power cord, and justifiably feared for the worst. The terrified CEO leapt into action and prevented Georgie from suicidally plugging the power cord into the car's hydrogen tank and initiating a surge to end all surges. WHEW!

And that's one more sharp object that Georgie's not allowed to play with.

(h/t Canuck Attitude)