Friday, April 13, 2007

Wolfowitz, the old horndawg

Oh man, I can't believe these people. World Bank big shot Paul Wolfowitz, one of the chief architects of Operation Clusterfuck, has been caught! Caught doing that thing that sleazy old bastards like to do: giving his girlfriend a tax-free, high-paying job with guaranteed raises, all courtesy of the World Bank.

"The bank's staff association said the pay rises and promotions Ms Riza received were "grossly out of line" with bank rules, had destroyed staff trust in his leadership and "compromised the integrity and effectiveness" of the bank."...

Mr Wolfowitz - a former US deputy secretary of defence - at first denied that he was involved in the decision about Ms Riza's salary, but later admitted: "I made a mistake, for which I am sorry."

I think this guy's gone over his quota for mistakes, it's time to stop saying "D'OH!" and just moving on to the next disaster. However...

..."He said he had been in "uncharted waters" in his new job and would follow the recommendations proposed by the board."

Excuse me, "uncharted waters"? Right, there he was, floating along aimlessly like a leaf in a stream through the uncharted waters of high finance, when suddenly he was caught in the swirling back eddy of Ms. Riza's thong. No, turkey, you were fucking around and using the World Bank's money to finance it. That's okay, the poor people in Haiti didn't need the $193,000 you redirected to your girlfriend. Asshole.