Sunday, April 08, 2007

Your Weekly Stupid

There was a lot of stupid floating around last week, one might even say toxically high levels of stupid in some areas. But first prize has to go to the wingnut-o-sphere's keyboard kommandos for their stunningly negative response to the peaceful resolution of the British hostage situation in Iran.

Early in the negotiations it became clear that the fang-baring snarls coming out of the white house weren't helping things and could only escalate the situation. So they were shunted aside in favour of diplomacy, which ultimately solved the problem. Left up to Bushco, Iran would this very moment be under a momumental bombardment, all the Brits would be dead, and what would probably end up being World War III would have begun. Instead, the Brits are home, the loony Iranian president got his 15 minutes, and diplomacy was proven to work, even with a nut like Ahmadinejad. So everyone's happy? Well, not quite.

Following the lead of this fucking idiot, who seems to suggest that the Brits weren't tough enough, the Fighting Keyboarders are outraged that the Brits stayed cool and allowed their government to negotiate for their safe return. Once they were safely home, words like "cowardice" and "shame" were splattered across the right wingnut-o-sphere like seagull shit across the hull of a speeding powerboat. The sailors were taken hostage, so what would the Keyboard Kommandos have them do? Launch themselves unarmed, kamikazi-style, at Ahmadinejad and his gang and get everybody kung-fu fighting, fast as lightning? A better question might be, what would the Keyboard Kommandos themselves have done in the same circumstances? After they shat themselves uncontrollably from their sphincter-shaking fear, I mean.

As much as the right-wingnutosphere claims to "support the troops", it wouldn't surprise me if military types got a little pissed off seeing fellow service people slagged by these chickenhawk assholes. These jerks who've never served a day in the military and haven't a clue what it's like to be in action sit on their lardasses behind their computer screens, calling real military folks "cowards"? Hmm. I can't help thinking the military could probably do without that kind of support.