Friday, August 31, 2007

Canada's New Government™

...gettin' things duct taped.

So far it looks like MP Dick Harris might be getting hung out to dry for his over-zealous promotion of the Conservative candidate in Skeena-Bulkley Valley, Sharon Smith. After intrepid bloggers (list here) forced the story of the Conservatives' outrageous assault on democracy to go nationwide this week, Canada's New Government™ had only this to say:

"He just kind of did that himself," government spokesman Ryan Sparrow said of Mr. Harris's move. "[Ms. Smith] is the Conservative candidate in the next election. That's her only official capacity."

"Dick just kind of did that himself", eh? Dick, a member of a party whose MPs are perpetually muzzled to keep them from saying anything stupid, just kind of got up one day and decided to just kind of re-define and subvert the democratic process... sure, sounds about right to me. NOT!

I don't imagine we'll be hearing much from Dick in the future, as he's no doubt been spanked and silenced. The question isn't whether Dick just kind of did this himself, we know that's a steaming crock of BULLshit. The question is how many other Dicks and Sharons are out there?