Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fetus-fetishist gets asskicking at clinic...

"...Pro-abort Cops stop for donuts en route to the Scene of the Crime at the Abortuary!!!" Okay, I made up the last part, but I'm sure lifesite would have loved to write it up that way.

Ahem. Time to get serious. Fetus Fetishists in Rockford Illinois aren't too happy with the performance of their local police, who took half an hour to arrive at the scene of an asskicking in which an anti-choice nitwit took a few shots from a pissed-off pro-choicer. "A violent assault" shrieks lifesite... oh, stop!!

This tragic tale of woe began to unfold around midnight on Tuesday at the Illinois Womens' Centre. Three fetus-fetishists were hanging around outside the clinic, praying. At midnight. (Does that sound normal to you? Or does it sound just a wee bit... batshit fucking crazy???) Suddenly, a big white truck pulled in, a man jumped out and proceeded to punch out one of the fetus humpers. Hmm, for no reason, the guy just goes all sideways and apeshit on his ass... that doesn't sound right... but wait! There's more!

Just prior to getting his ass kicked, the fetus-fetishist at the centre of this sad story approached the truck and started talking to the driver... oh yeah, now this is starting to make sense. What, praytell, might the fetus fetishist have been saying? Maybe something like: "Why are you coming to this accursed Abortuary? Don't you know that abortion is murder/holocaust/satanic/constipation-inducing? etc. etc. blah blah blah..." Oh yeah. It makes perfect sense to me that such a lecture would be cut short with an uppercut, straight right and a flurry to the solar plexus. In fact, it seems like the only logical response. Presumably the man in the white truck was there to pick up or drop off someone, maybe his wife, because as he told the anti-choice cretin: "You're upsetting my wife". Then it was fisticuffs for the fetus fetishist.

As asskickings go, this one had to be a pretty mild. The fetus-fetishist was not only conscious, but able to call 911 three, count 'em, three (3) times, enough to sufficiently piss off the cops that they said "Fark this asshole, we'll get there when we get there". Lifesite reported that when the cop car finally did arrive, after 30 minutes, those bastards! it was travelling at the speed limit, with no sirens or flashing lights. No flashing lights?! No sirens?!! Fuckers! Lifesite whines:

"Meanwhile, ten minutes had passed and there was still no sign of the police. Rilott called again and said, "We just had an assault and the guy who did it is still here." Finally, after a conservative estimate of 20 minutes, a squad car arrived. It was driving within the speed limit without any sirens or lights flashing. By this time, Rilott said, the attacker had already entered the building, talked with the owner Wayne Webster and then driven away.

I hate linking to that online trash compacter, but apparently the beating Mr. Fetus-Fetishist sustained wasn't sufficiently violent to make the Rockford Register. Or maybe the Register is a Pro-Abort newspaper! Yeah, that's it!!!