Friday, August 31, 2007

Fox News at it again!

As an addendum to stories about both Republican Senator Larry Craig and Republican Rep. Mark Foley, via Crooks & Liars there's more evidence of truthiness-tampering once again at Fox News.

You may recall how, at the height of the Foley scandal, Fox ran the story of Foley's resignation with graphics that erroneously pegged him as a Democrat:

"Erroneously", right. Fast-forwarding to their coverage of the Republican Senator Larry Craig (aka the Bathroom Bandito) story, the "mistake" isn't quite so blatant as a big "D" emblazoned on the screen after Craig's name. This time Fox goes for the subliminal, and commits a reporting Error By Omission. Their entire story, although it states that Craig is a Senator, makes absolutely no mention of the fact that he's a Republican Senator. C&L has the entire text of the report here.

Tsk-tsk! Bad Fox! You just get to report the news, not write it.