Saturday, August 18, 2007


One thing I'll say for Jill Stanek, she may not like me but she can tell the difference between the satirical and the subversive. She's agreed to put a little © beside My Word, fetusmobile© , which indicates that for a wingnut, she's at least got a sense of something resembling humour. And that's a lot more than I can say for some of her commenters. Behold the sour and dour as they defame me:
Not much to add to that, except... I gotta be me!

"Brett" chimes in to make a pre-emptive strike on a grave and growing "thread drift" threat:
Now this guy starts off well -- exactly, don't focus on me! Birth Pangs deserves at least as much of this as I do. You might even say BP was the flight attendant that securely fastened the seat belt for my ride to hell. But back to the Brettster; Brett impresses me by using the correct term "pro-choicer" instead of the usual hysterical hyperbole like "babykiller", so he definitely starts off on the right track... but then... His inevitable derailment is quick and ugly as he plunges into a morass of psychoanalysis and sumo wrestling. What?! (That's what I said!) Somehow he seques through the sumo wrestling and wounded pride seamlessly enough to end on a high note, with talk of doing those thangs that Christians are supposed to do... but regrettably, most often don't.

But never mind that. Further down the page, a much more disturbing comment:

A full scale 30 day prayer assault! And so begins The Unrepentant Offensive. I got my helmet on and I'm locked and loaded, baby... Bring! It! On!
Update for a few words from another Prayer Assault target: Prole at A Creative Revolution has been helping me man the barricades here and in doing so has put herself in harm's way -- ("UOH and her friends") -- here's what she has to say about it all.