Sunday, August 12, 2007

While he was sleeping

I need to start a list to keep track of all these guys... The latest addition to the never-ending Republican parade of perverts is Glenn Murphy, the recently elected, and even more recently resigned, President of the Young Republican National Federation. Glenn is accused of sexually assaulting a sleeping man:

"The head of the Clark County Republican Party and the Young Republican National Federation has resigned both positions amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

No charges have been filed against Glenn Murphy Junior.

Murphy announced yesterday that he was resigning both jobs because of a new business opportunity that would prohibit him from holding a partisan political office.

The Evening News of Jeffersonville and The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Kentucky, reported that the Clark County Sheriff's Department was investigating a claim that Murphy performed an unwanted sex act on another man after a party in late July."

The assault allegedly took place at the home of the victim's sister, where both men were staying after getting all drunked up at a Young Republicans bash. After the booze-fueled, chock-fulla-family-values Young Wingnut shindig, the victim crashed out in a sodden sleep, only to wake up a few hours later to find -- SURPRISE!! -- Murphy with a lip lock on his privates. Which wouldn't be a big deal, except the recipient of this attention was not only not into it, but wasn't even asked if he might be into it, which essentially makes it rape.

Who could have seen this coming? Well, when Murphy was elected last month, he said:

“I will essentially be the mouthpiece and effective leader for the tens of thousands of Young Republicans, 18 to 40, across the country.” There you go.

At this point there's been so many of these guys caught that their hypocrisy isn't even that amazing any more. It's the idea of Wingnut Sex in any permutation that's tooth-gnashingly disturbing.