Friday, September 14, 2007

Alvaro Orozco

Alvaro Orozco, the gay Nicaraguan refugee who's been ordered deported because he couldn't "prove" he is gay, goes to the Immigration Office today to pick up his rejection letter. A couple of things might happen:
(1) He could be arrested and put on a plane on the spot -- not acceptable;
(2) He could be given time to fight the rejection -- also not acceptable, but better than (1).

Still, it buys a little time during which it might be possible to persuade Immigration to let him stay. Support is needed badly, and we can all help by signing the petition, writing to Diane Findlay, Minister of Immigration at and asking that Alvaro be granted a stay, and visiting Alvaro's website. Slap Upside the Head has more information.

This poor kid's been on the run for years. Surely as a world leader in human rights, Canada can offer him a safe home.